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What kinds of alarms does the Leeo Smart Alert listen for?

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018 02:24PM PST
The Leeo Smart Alert is designed to listen for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that emit the standardized T3/T4 signal.  As of May 2016, Smart Alert will also listen for continuous tone water alarms on the Leeo App.

More about Smoke Alarms: 

The Smoke Alarm T3 signal consists of long beeps in sequences of 3 separated by a pause. Visit the link below to hear what a T3 signal sounds like.  Please note that not all new alarms use this signal.

This alarm signal has been the standard required by the National Fire Protection Association and UL since 1996. Most smoke alarms manufactured before 1996 make a different sound, the continuous signal, which sounds like a continuous series of rapid beeps. If you have continuous smoke alarms, Leeo will be unable to detect them – however, if the alarms in your home were manufactured before 1996, they are almost certainly due for an update! Since the sensors in smoke detectors only last for 7-10 years, we strongly recommend replacing your detectors if your smoke alarms do not match the T3 signal above.

More about Carbon Monoxide Alarms: 
The T4 signal consists of short beeps in sequences of 4 separated by a pause. Visit the link below for a sample of the T4 alarm signal – and remember, carbon monoxide detectors wear out more quickly than smoke detectors, requiring replacement every 5-7 years.

Water Alarms: 
Currently Supported / Tested Water Alarms:

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