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Last Updated: Aug 04, 2017 03:01PM PDT
The Leeo Smart Alert network requirements:
  • wifi 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
  • Broadcasted SSID (not hidden network)
  • SSID (network name and password) using only ASCII characters

The Smart Alert supports WPA-PSK encryption. We recommend WPA2-PSK AES for the best security for your home wifi network.

If you are having trouble adding a network you should try these steps:
  • Make sure you are in range of your router and have a clear line of sight
    • Most outlets are knee high and furniture can obstruct wifi signal
    • You can test the wifi strength of the Smart Alert using your phone by connecting to the same network and placing near your Smart Alert.  This will not be exactly the same, but should help determine bad locations. 
  • Make sure your network is not hidden and you can see the name on the list when the app is searching for it.
  • If you have a dual band router (2.4GHz/5GHz) ensure you are logging onto the 2.4 GHz band
    • You may also want to separate your 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with different names (SSIDs).
    • Ensure your phone is connected to the same band while setting up your Smart Alert.  You can change it back afterwards.

You can also try connecting your Leeo Smart Alert to another network, mifi or hotspot.
Remove the Smart Alert from your existing account:
  • Log into the Leeo App
  • Open the menu button on the upper left
  • Swipe from right to left on the Smart Alert you’d like to remove from your account
  • Press the “X”
Next make create a hotspot on your iPhone:
  • Open settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot
  • Swipe to the "on" position and choose “turn on Wi-Fi”
  • Your hotspot name will be your iPhone’s name e.g.. “Daniella’s iPhone”
  • And the password will be displayed on the personal hotspot screen
Add the Smart Alert back to the account
  • From the menu, Press “Add New Device”
  • Select the location you’d like to add your Smart Alert or add a new location
  • The Leeo App will search for a nearby Smart Alert
  • When it finds the Smart Alert you will be prompted for a Device Name
  • Select your hotspot as the network (some users have reported the hotspot will not show up for the Smart Alert unless connected to by another device such as a laptop or iPad)
  • Fill out your password and the Smart Alert should start updating
  • If your Smart Alert does not update within 5 minutes close and force quit the Leeo App.  Wait 10 seconds and reopen it.  It should take a few minutes to finalize the update.
Once your Smart Alert has updated remove it from the account like before
Add the Smart Alert back your home network

The Leeo Smart Alert was designed for in home use and may not work with:
  • Enterprise Solutions (work wifi)
  • Some AC wireless routers
  • eero Home Wifi System

If you are still having problems please contact us

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